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By: Max Leonard
Atlanta, GA



My dream, like Dr. Martin Luther King's dream of racial equality, serves a purpose greater than myself, my community, and even my nation. My dream stretches to benefit the wellness of the human race. Currently, the entire world is facing a population crisis. The population of the world is growing exponentially and projections show that by the year 2050, there will be 9.1 billion people on the earth. My dream is not to stop population increase, but to aid these extra 3 billion people by giving them a place to live: Mars.

"Mars is the closest planet to the Earth, that has on it all the resources needed to support life and therefore technological civilization," says astronautical engineer Dr. Robert Zubrin. "It has water, carbon, nitrogen, a 24-hour day, and geothermal energy. Mars is a place we can settle." Dr. Zubrin is a major spokesperson for the campaign to send a manned mission to Mars. Once we have one successful mission, he believes we can colonize the planet and move on to being a space-faring species.

If we do colonize Mars, which has all the necessary resources for life, we open the door to farther planets and more space for population growth. Our opportunities become limitless and we can continue on our path exponential population growth.
Unfortunately, the movement to send a manned mission to Mars seems far off. If we continue to wait, the consequences will be catastrophic. Our planet has a specific carrying capacity, which is the total number of humans the earth's resources can support. Once we reach this carrying capacity, the human race will not be able to support itself and humans will suffer from war, famine, and epidemic diseases.

Fortunately, we can stop this catastrophic end to human civilization. My dream is to begin to move outwards into the vast space beyond our atmosphere. We may begin by moving to the moon. Although it does not have all the necessities for life, we can ship supplies from Earth and use the moon as a launch point for a mission to Mars, and a mission to save the human race from strife and decline.



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