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The Atlanta office of Holland & Knight LLP proudly sponsors its annual essay contest for high school seniors to honor the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and the many African-American heroes who have worked and dreamed for a better America.


ELIGIBILITY: High school seniors from the following Atlanta Metro Area schools:

The New Schools at Carver
Frederick Douglass High School
Henry W. Grady High School
Mays High School
North Atlanta High School
South Atlanta High School
Southside High School
Daniel McLaughlin Therrell High School
Booker T. Washington High School
Alonzo A. Crim Open Campus High School

PRIZES: The following scholarships will be awarded*:




WRITING PROMPT: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. had a dream that influenced the thoughts and actions of many people. What lessons can tomorrowís leaders learn from his life and legacy? What is your dream for yourself, for your community and for your nation? How will you make those dreams a reality?

SUBMITTING ESSAYS and DEADLINE: Essays must include the Official Entry Form clipped to the essay (2 copies of essay required), and must be postmarked no later than December 31, 2008. Mail essays to Holland & Knight LLP, Attn Lura Battle, 1201 West Peachtree Street, N.E., One Atlantic Center, Suite 2000, Atlanta, GA 30309. Entries may not be sent via facsimile or by e-mail. No names should appear anywhere on essays. Letters of recommendation or other supporting references should not be included and will not be considered.

WORD COUNT: Essays should comprise no more than 1,200 words, excluding words in your Bibliography, Works Cited, or Reference Page.

RESEARCH AND REFERENCES: While this is a creative writing project, research will likely be an integral element of the writing process. To the extent research is conducted, essays must contain a Bibliography, Works Cited, or Reference Page, citing all materials used in the research and writing of the essay (parenthetical documentation must accompany research).

ESSAY FORMAT: The essay must be primarily directed toward examining the writing prompt. The essay must be in English prose format and may be a commentary or interpretation of primary and secondary source material such as: historical and reference materials; interviews; eyewitness accounts and oral histories; official documents and other primary sources; readings from diaries, letters, autobiographies, and works of poetry; video, or audiotapes, films, art, CD-ROM and Internet sources. The essay must not be a fictitious story or poem.

JUDGING and SCHOLARSHIPS: Entries will be judged anonymously and will not be returned. Submissions that adhere to the guidelines will be judged with special attention to (1) evidence of relevant reading and thoughtful use of resource materials; (2) treatment of the assigned themes; and (3) clear and effective language, mechanics and grammar; and (4) a coherent plan of organization. Scholarships will be paid to each studentís post-secondary educational institution after the student has graduated from high school and upon Holland & Knight Charitable Foundationís receipt of a copy of the studentís registration paperwork from said post-secondary educational institution. The five (5) finalists and their parents will be invited to an awards reception at the Atlanta office of Holland & Knight LLP in February, 2009, at which the winners will be announced.

* Holland & Knight LLP and the Holland & Knight Charitable Foundation, Inc. reserve the right not to award a prize or any prizes when submissions do not meet contest standards or criteria.

AUTHOR OF ESSAY: By submitting an essay, applicants are certifying that their essays are original, and the sole work of the person whose name appears on the attached entry form. No plagiarizing or infringement upon the rights of any third parties will be tolerated. Applicants submitting essays are also automatically granting Holland & Knight LLP and the Holland & Knight Charitable Foundation, Inc. the right to use and publish the essays.







(Clip this out, complete it, and staple it to one of the two copies of your essay that you submit.
Please PRINT or TYPE your information onto this Official Entry Form. Mail essays and direct questions to:
Dream Scholarship Contest, Holland  & Knight LLP, Attn: Lura Battle, 1201 West Peachtree Street, NE,
One Atlantic Center, Suite 2000, Atlanta, GA 30309).






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I HEREBY CERTIFY that I am the sole author of the attached essay and hereby submit my essay to the Dream Scholarship essay contest and state that, in writing my essay, I have not plagiarized or otherwise infringed upon the rights of any third parties. I grant Holland & Knight LLP and the Holland & Knight Charitable Foundation, Inc. the right to use and publish my essay in whole or in part, and the right to permit others to do the same.



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