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Dream Scholarship Essay Contest Writing Tips

  • Familiarize yourself on the subject of Dr. King's life beyond what you have already learned in school.  You can accomplish this through research within books, newspaper articles, the internet and by speaking with teachers or librarians who are well-versed on Dr. King's life. .
  • Document all the resources and include them in your bibliography.
  • Be scholarly, but also include your own words in this paper.  Our judges look for creativity in the way you approach your subject..


  • Organize your thoughts and think about the flow of the paper.
  • Back up your position or arguments through concrete examples.


  • Have a teacher, librarian, friend or parent review your first draft.
  • Have them pay special attention to the organization of the paper, the supporting details and elements that donít make sense to them.
  • Update your bibliography.


  • Have a teacher, librarian, classmate or parent review your paper for mechanics (grammar, spelling, punctuation).


  • Read the paper out loud.
  • Make sure that the paper correlates with your chosen essay prompt, and is supported by research.  Make sure that your own voice is heard in the paper, as well, in your analysis of research and in your vision for the future.


  • Relax! Know that you have done your best on your research paper and it is ready to submit.